Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Walking Off Jet Lag

After being gone from home for a week, I woke to the loveliest of mornings here.

The recently planted garden was joined by a greenhouse while I was gone. We are getting serious about our gardening around here!

This little one missed me while I was gone. Dave says he's a boring housemate to her, and she says he doesn't take her on enough walks. 😉

Claire and I remedied that by taking a long walk this morning to 1) help me get over jet lag and 2) give her a good long walk!

Spring is in all its glory here! It could hardly have been a prettier spring morning to take a walk.

I think we made Kaylee's day by letting her roam the countryside with us!

On the backside of Malenovice, we even found wild cherry trees already producing fruit. This seems really early in the season for them to be ripe, but as can be attested by the missing cherry here, they are indeed ready for the picking!

The fields around us are planted now, with corn that will surely be farther than "knee high by the 4th of July", as the saying goes, since that is seven weeks away! I'll have to check in at this spot again to see how far along it is at that time.

The meadows that are unplanted are full of wildflowers that almost look like a painting!

After about 7 kilometers of spring beauty, we headed back home.

That was just what I needed to start my day and try to beat jet lag!

Thank you for suggesting the walk and keeping me company Claire!

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