Saturday, May 5, 2018

Free Evenings

In an era gone by, we used to pack our JV conferences full with morning and evening sessions. But a few years ago we made a change and made evenings completely free.

And seriously, it's a little bit of heaven each evening to spend time with family and friends just "because"! This evening, before bedtime, I hung out with this little guy.

And with this one!

It is beyond special to have our grandsons, Judah and Asher, here at this conference, and getting to just "run into them" all throughout the day!

And I loved watching Judah see his aunt, running to her to give (and get!) a big hug.

Having evenings free means that kids and adults alike get to just "be", enjoying whatever they want to do, either with friends or family.

It was so precious to watch an older JV Kid reach out to Judah and play a little ball with him!

And then to be joined for some more ball kicking by Judah's little friend Markus, who lives in Latvia with his parents.

These two boys could very well grow up together in JV. And we'll all remember that it started at this conference where they were both just two years old!

I'm so glad there was space for these kinds of friendships to develop in our free evenings!

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