Sunday, July 15, 2018

Holy Sunday!

It's Sunday and that means a day of Sabbath, and gathering with other believers for church.

Though there's not a church for us to go to here, we DO have a pastor with us, so that means church on the terrace with Dave!

We gathered around our table, opened our Bibles, and began a lively church service with the nine of us!

Claire loaned her Bible so she's on her phone for our time in 1 Thessalonians!

Bible study, prayer and several songs later, we'd had a most refreshing Sunday service here at the "Terrace Church of Sveta Nedjela"!

Do you know that Sveta Nedjela means Holy Sunday in Croatian?!

What better thing to do on a Sunday afternoon than enjoy God's incredible creation here!

We took our friends down to the little bay for some swimming...

Some cliff jumping...

And lots of fun, laughter and joy soaking in the beauty here.

It doesn't matter how many times I come here, I love it every single time - especially getting to share it with people I love!

You know how you get used to things around you when you've seen them often? This sign is one of those examples.

It says the names for "beach" in many different languages.

But for our 13 year old friend reading it for the first time? It said, "Exotic, strange, spaghetti, beach plague"!

We all howled hearing that, and I'll never be able to read it the same from here on out!

What a wonderful Sunday of fun and fellowship here on Hvar!

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