Monday, July 9, 2018

Family Walk

It all started after dinner this evening, when Judah asked me to read him a book upstairs in "his" room.

He, along with Tyler, Lara and Asher, had come over for dinner since we've been gone and haven't seen them in a month.

The book Judah brought to me was about how good it is to have a dog of your own, and that led to a conversation about Kaylee and how she's "our" (meaning, his too!) dog. I said something about the things you can do with a dog and he said, "Go for walk with dog!"

That led to this just a few minutes later.

But not just he and I! Oh no...the whole family needed to come for a walk with "our" dog!

And this led to one of THE sweetest times -- taking Kaylee for a walk on a beautiful summer's evening.

Golden hour lasted for over an hour as we headed out on our walk.

Patty Homestead!

Not only are we together for the first time in a month, but we're also celebrating (albeit a few days early) Tyler's 28th birthday which comes on July 20th.

I can hardly think of anything more fun than going for a walk up to our little Malenovice airport to celebrate!

Judah remembered the playground at the airport (where he fell off the slide last time we were there!) so was ready to take a nice leisurely walk up there to play again.

While it looked like a dark cloud might cover us, it never did. The sun just kept shining as it made its way toward sunset.

Judah carried Kaylee's leash the whole way to the airport; I think that's the first time he's ever done that! Such a responsible little guy.

At one point he was ready to venture off on his own, so Lara and I held back and let him walk towards Aunt Claire, Papa and his daddy. Is that the cutest?!

Asher is walking now, but since it was too far for his little legs, he got a ride with daddy during the walk. However that didn't preclude him from getting a turn at holding Kaylee's leash!

Upon arrival at the playground, it was Asher who wanted to go on the slide!

I now call him Asher the Fearless!! For a while all he wanted to do was go down the slide backwards, on his tummy!

His dad would put him up there, let him grip the top, walk to the side, and Asher would let go...and WHEE!!! Down he'd go into his dad's arms at the bottom!

Meanwhile, Claire spotted some wild raspberries over in the bushes so surprised Judah with treats!

He took one for himself and then delivered the next one to his brother. What a good big brother!

He came back to sit down and wait for Claire to get more, and let me grab this quick photo of him, skinned knee and all (that had happened at the beginning of our walk!). Cutie!

Hangliders and paragliders were up in the sky over the airport tonight, so Judah got to watch them and give commentary to what they were doing way up there in the sky.

"Me no fly. Scary!"

But it sure was fun to watch them from the arms of daddy!

While Aunt Claire climbed to the top of the bars, Judah figured out how to swing himself underneath.

This two and a half year old is satisfied with the best things in life!

Meanwhile, Asher wanted to try the see saw with mommy.

And come check out the chain climbing wall.

I'm guessing it won't be long until he's climbing up on that as he's sure getting steady on his feet!

I missed these guys while we were in the States and was glad for every hug and kiss they let me have.

And was happy to get some new photos together. What a gift to have our grandsons living near us now.

Twenty eight years ago when Tyler was born, I was the same age as he's turning soon! I remember that day so clearly, when I first became a mom, and how amazing that was.

And it's still amazing to get to be his mom!

Now a new generation of Patty's is growing up in Czech. What a blessing that is.

This may be one of my all time favorite pictures of Judah with his Papa. Do you see the similarities like I do???!!!!

Papa's motto for life: Never miss an opportunity to read an information board. He's teaching that skill early to Judah!

These grandsons of ours...they're a treasure! I am thankful for every single time I get to be with each of them.

And love that they get to grow up with their Aunt Claire too!

On the way back, Tyler noticed a slug on the ground and took the opportunity to show Judah. He didn't want to touch it (I don't blame him!), but it was definitely worth a look to watch him.

"He's SLOW", said Judah with a grin.

In the warm, waning sun, we made our way back home, with Judah still holding the leash for Kaylee.

It felt a little bit like living in a painting!

We did get to celebrate Tyler with gifts, words and a candle that wouldn't blow out on the birthday koláč!

What a sweet evening with our dear family.

"Thank you Lord for the gift of an evening like this with them!" 

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