Thursday, July 5, 2018

Staying in Prague

Rather than heading for home after we arrived into Prague from the States last night, we stayed here as Dave is speaking at a conference throughout the week-end.

Not only that, but our dear friends from Wyoming arrived today as well!

While Dave is at his conference, I get to be with them for the next couple of days, showing them around lovely Prague.

Steve, Polly and their four kids braved jet lag and stayed up long enough to go out for dinner.

With intermittent rain, and an occasional downpour, I'm glad they're now tucked away for the night so they can rest and be ready for our day in Prague tomorrow. Hopefully without rain!

As a side note: this week-end is Harley Davidson's 115th anniversary and there are 60,000 bikers from all over Europe here in Prague to celebrate!

Seemingly every other person I've seen on the streets has a Harley shirt, vest or hat on, and there are gazillions of motorcycles everywhere. Not to mention the "sound" of a Harley.

It's going to be a fun week-end here!

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