Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lovely Luscice

While we are here on the island of Hvar with our friends, we want to introduce them to places and things that have become special to us through the years as we've vacationed here.

Today's introduction is the lovely Luščice Beach, down the dirt road from Sveta Nedjelja.

Parking is quite limited on the dirt road, with a mere handful of spots along the edge. But we found a spot and then began our little hike down to the beach.

There were, perhaps, a total of twenty other people on the beach when we arrived, making it a perfect place to stretch out and enjoy the water.

While it was quite breezy, the air was warm and the water, refreshing. A recipe for a perfect afternoon!

I spent a bit of time in this position.

Not because I was trying to get a tan though! A certain somebody had other plans for me. 🤣

Would you believe it's actually kind of comforting to be buried in rocks?

And did you know that almost every beach on the island of Hvar is a rocky one like this? It's actually super comfortable to lay on rocks (or be buried in them!), and much cleaner than sand!

When the mountains behind the beach began to cast shadows on the beach, we knew it was time to head for home.

We took the dirt road back to Sveta Nedjela, capturing the village's beauty as we drove back in.

I walked over to the little market to pick up a few things for dinner and captured this on my way back. Simply spectacular!

Grapes are plentiful on the vines, and will eventually be turned into wine produced by the famous and award winning Zlatan Otok winery right here in the village.

Lavender is grown up in the hills here too, and locals produce pure lavender oil that you can buy...if you know the neighbors!

We have lavender growing at our house too, but only enough to enjoy its beauty. Do you know that it takes 3 pounds of lavender flowers to produce one small vial of pure essential oil??

Dinner on the terrace again this evening felt special as we lingered until the sun set, ending another wonderful day here.

Steve and Polly, thank you for inviting us to be with you on your vacation!

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