Friday, July 13, 2018

Gospel Going Forward

We're always thinking and praying about the Gospel going forward in Central and Eastern Europe - it's on our hearts a lot.

Today in Croatia, we visited a place that could work for camps in the future; a place where teenagers in the southern region of Central and Eastern Europe could hear the Gospel, be discipled, and receive training as leaders for the next generation of the church in this region of the world.

This statue stood at the end of the bay.

I have no idea what the point of it was! But I took it as a moment to join in heartfelt prayers for the young people in this southern region.

It was so fun to share this day with Dave, his brother, Josh, and Claire.

And even sweeter to spend time praying together for God's movement here.

I'd like to come here to spend time in God's presence and be more equipped to do his work!

Twenty years ago the Catholic church built this small chapel at the water's edge in this cove. For me it stands as a symbol of hope, that this region of the world will once again be revitalized to faith in Jesus Christ.

As evening fell, we headed to meet up with our friends who we'll spend the week with here in Croatia.

I was just with them in Prague last week, and now here we are in Croatia together!

Their youngest has been missing their dog back home in Wyoming, so she was very happy to see that we brought Kaylee to be with us this week!

Tonight we took them into the city of Trogir, included on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. It is absolutely lovely!!

On the riva we noticed a group of acrobats doing a really fun performance.

During their break Dave went to ask them where they're from and received a surprise: they perform with the Albanian national circus!

With Caleb, Haley and Charlie headed there soon, our ears are always perked up now to hearing about Albania! It was really a delight watching them; made us excited that these are the people Caleb and Haley will be bringing the Gospel to!

No evening in Croatia is complete without gelato. Kaylee is sure Sarah should let her try it out too!

We'll head over to Hvar tomorrow morning; looking forward to a sweet week with these dear ones!

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