Sunday, July 22, 2018

In the Village

It's a sight I look forward to every time we're here in Sveta Nedjela.

The old stone houses, the green shutters, the majestic mountain behind the village, the colorful oleander and bougainvillea. Oh and the smell of pine, rosemary and lavender as you walk!

There's a certain peacefulness in the village that is so nourishing too.

While walking it's fun to encounter other things, like beautiful pomegranates growing in people's yards!

While I would never pick something when it clearly belongs to someone else, there is a wild tree in the village that we always walk to for these delicacies.

Claire would tell you that there is nothing like the taste of a warm fig picked directly off the tree! I'm not a huge fan of them, but she and Dave are so she picked a few ripe ones to bring to him. Most of them are still ripening but it was a find for her to pick the ones that were ready right now!

We'll be on our way home tomorrow so I'm soaking God's magnificent creation in this most beautiful place today.

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