Sunday, July 8, 2018

Coming Home

Even though it was Sunday, the roads on the way home from Prague this afternoon were full. 

Yes, partly with the Harleys that were no doubt in Prague this week-end for the 115th anniversary!

That's partly due to the fact that there is construction everywhere on the highway between Prague and Ostrava. The question is not how many kilometers are being worked on. It's how many kilometers are not being worked on. I can tell you there aren't many! It took an extra hour than normal to get back.

But oh the reward when I arrived.

Returning home is always sweet, but when the evening is long, the sunshine is warm, and a cute doggie is waiting for you, it's even better!

The gal who took care of Kaylee ended up coming to stay at our house these past four weeks, rather than at her apartment. So Kaylee was home waiting for me, just like she does even if I've only been gone for an hour! It was nice to be greeted so warmly at home.

I like to travel. But I love coming home!

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