Saturday, July 21, 2018

Morning Goodbye

 5:45 came bright and early this morning.

Our friends had to catch the 7:45 ferry from Hvar to Split, so needed to be up and gone by 6 AM in order to be there in plenty of time (given that Saturdays are the busiest ferry days around here).

No matter how many times you tell yourself that a vacation was good and that it's okay for it to come to an end, it's just never easy to end something that's so good.

Especially when it's an early morning!

Dave, Claire and I gave last hugs, and whispered last "I love you's" for now, knowing the Lord, in his perfect timing, will let us see each other again.

Our time with this precious family has been rich and meaningful and we'll miss them as they go.

But our hearts are full of thankfulness to the Lord for orchestrating this beautiful time together!

We send our love and prayers with them as they go, already looking forward to when we'll see their dear faces again.

"I give thanks to you Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds! Psalm 9:1

"I give thanks to you Lord for your unfailing love and your wonderful deeds for us; you satisfy the thirsty and fill the hungry with good things!" Psalm 107:8-9

He has indeed filled and satisfied us with his good things this past week! With all my heart I give him praise and thanks for these good gifts.

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