Thursday, July 19, 2018

Stari Grad: Ancient City

When a town on the island of Hvar is 2400 years old, you have to take your friends there to see it!

Remains of pottery and other artifacts have been found that actually date it back to somewhere between 3500-2500 BC. But it was in 384 BC that it was formally founded by ancient Greeks.

While there are obviously no buildings remaining from that time, there is a certain enchantment about this very old town that draws you in to wandering its streets, feeling its long roots of colorful and yet sometimes sad history (it was completely burned down by the Turks in the 1500's).

Its 3000 inhabitants today enjoy a peaceful life of fishing, agriculture and tourism, letting you wander over their doorsteps and next to their homes.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch on the waterfront at Bistro Simple.

And sampled some of the plentiful gelato available everywhere!

As we wandered through the back alleyways, we found a specialty food shop, Za Pod Zub, that I've often wanted to visit but never been there when it was open. What a find!

I'm so glad we spent some time in there sampling (and buying!) an assortment of delicacies.

As usual, Stari Grad gets under your skin and leaves you with a warm feeling of wanting to come back.

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  1. From the look of these pictures Stari Grad looks no busier than when we were there in October. I would imagine there were more people and stores open than it looks like.