Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sveti Nikola at Sunset

There is one spot on the island of Hvar that is, in a way, more spectacular...or perhaps awe-inspiring... than all the others.

In order to reach it you must go up, rather than down.

So that is where we went this evening.

We pulled off the main road in our van and began the 3 kilometer windy climb up towards the highest point on the island: Sveti Nikola, 2054 ft / 626 m.

We drove up here two years ago with Dave's parents, and could drive closer to the top than we could today. But that was fine! Everyone was up for the 20 minute hike to the final peak.

Oh the reward when you get up here! From one side you look down towards the Adriatci and Sveta Nedjelja.

From the other side you see down into part of the Stari Grad Plain, the town of Jelsa, the tip of Brac island, and the mainland!

We were hoping to make it up here in time to see the sunset, which we did!

Being at the top of the mountain in the evening meant there was quite a brisk wind. I took a "live" picture of Claire (a short video) to catch the action of her hair flying. You can't see that video here, but you can see the wisps of it flying a bit!

The kids climbed up the base of the cross for a dramatic photo...

...while Kaylee waited at the bottom for them!

She looks like she's exhausted, when in reality she wanted to be faster than all the rest of us up the mountain! (13 year old Cotter was first up there!)

Looking west to the sunset over the island was indeed a beautiful view tonight.

The four of us took a photo together, and then we all pressed on towards the chapel before the sun began its descent into the sea!

We literally made it here with about ten minutes to spare, capturing this photo using my phone and little iPhone tripod which was hung in a tree since no one else was around to take a photo for us!

Silly faces are a must when at the top of a mountain at sunset, finishing an epically beautiful day!

Not wanting to be left out, Kaylee moseyed over here when we were all done and sat down as if to say, "My turn now?"!!!

Oh the joy of getting to be up here to enjoy this spectacular view with everyone!!!

No matter which direction you look, it's amazing!

The golden hour magical photo moment belongs to our friends tonight! Isn't that such a gorgeous family memory to capture?!

As the sun fell into the sky, we began our hike back down to the van.

If you turned right you could hike it all the way back to our town. But for tonight, we're taking the road home since it's about an hour and a half hike.

The red circle denotes the hiking path.

 As we passed back by the cross, the sunset made for another dramatic photo.

And then we literally watched it slip "into the sea" (aka: make its way to the other side of the world!)

What a breathtaking way to finish off this day!

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