Saturday, July 14, 2018

Slight Delay

When you're this far away from making the ferry that holds over a hundred cars, and now you have to wait three and a half hours for the next one....

You go for ice cream (with a bonus of it being dairy free!) on a very hot day in Split, Croatia!

While Dave took our friends across on our boat to the island of Hvar, Claire and I drove their rental van to the ferry this morning, hoping to make the early one. But when that didn't happen, we said, "Thanks Lord, you must have other plans for us" and took ourselves down to the waterfront to enjoy a morning in Split.

And three and a half hours later, we were one of the first onto the ferry and enjoyed our ride over to Hvar.

Well, except for the fact that it was blazing hot and there was barely a breeze! 😂 Kaylee's face says it all.

Getting to the house and having dinner on the terrace with everyone was the perfect way to start our time with them here!

We're all looking forward to the goodness of the Lord, and what He has ahead for us in this coming week!

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  1. How did Steve and Polly like going through the tunnel at Pitve?? I'm still having nightmares!