Monday, January 14, 2019

JV Winter Academy 2019

This morning I made my way up to Malenovice, plowing through the slush and ice, barely making it into the parking lot down below the hotel.

But the hike up the hill was rewarded by this view!

I'm up here this week for our JV Winter Academy, along with over 100 other of our staff, including Ermal from Albania who serves with Caleb and Haley there!

The Academy began last year as a means of bringing our entire team up to date on all of our training and core competencies so we are well equipped for ministry.

It is broken up into two week long courses that take place over two years time. Half of our staff started last year, and the rest are starting this year, which includes people like me and Anicka, who serves here in Czech.

Dave is doing a heavy amount of teaching this week and next when the other half of our staff are here to continue their second year of training. He told he he'll be teaching 25 times!

While this is more like attending a college course for a week (we start at 8 AM and go until 9 PM!), there are little breaks along the way, including "Minute to Win It" moments like this!

They have a minute to pick up cotton balls with their noses and transfer them to another plate! 

There are a number of people teaching this week, including my dear brother in law, Josh. I always love it when those Patty men teach!

It snowed off and on all day, but the sky opened up in the late afternoon to give us a beautiful view of the sunset (albeit through the window since we were still in "class"! )

Dave finished this evening with a session on "What is the Church", giving us a biblical view of God's heart for the church, something that we are passionate about.

We want to see the "bride of Christ" prosper, so every bit of our ministry ties back to the local church as we serve them as missionary teams (which, as Dave pointed out tonight, is also the Church!).

This is going to be a very rich, full, intense and helpful week as we systematically go through many different subjects that will be useful and enriching for our lives and ministry.

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