Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Meetings and Appointments

Today's first Iteam meeting of the new year was kicked off by Dave's teaching on the theology of time!

As we start afresh in 2019, it was appropriate teaching to be reminded of God's perspective on time. We had such good discussion on the Scripture and thoughts Dave covered.

Though I can't tell you everything, I CAN tell you his five points!

From Genesis 1: The limitations of time are good
From Ecclesiastes 3: The purpose of time is to make things beautiful
From John 7: God has right times for me
Ephesians 2: Time brings me the good works God has prepared for me
Ephesians 5: I need to be wise and redeem the opportunities God brings.

While the meeting continued, I had to slip out and head into Frydek for another doctor's appointment.

Just seems to be that time of year to get things taken care of! This time it was seeing my endocrinologist to get the results from my yearly lab. All is well with my thyroid (thanks to medication) and I don't need to see her for another year.

While I didn't manage to get a photo while I was in with her, I did feel a little bit like Helen Levitt (see my post from yesterday when I went to see her exhibition!) taking a photo without him knowing, just to capture a tiny slice of normal life in the waiting room before going in for my appointment.

I wished I'd taken a picture of the woman who asked me to watch her fur coat while she went in! 😉

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