Thursday, January 24, 2019

Challenging our Team in Prayer

Judah, Asher and I had a normal morning at home this morning, but at 11:30 we were in the car and headed up to Malenovice one more time!

Since the road is not passable due to ice on the road coming up the hill to Malenovice, we have to park down below in the parking lot and walk up.

Lara came and met the boys and I there to help get us up the hill for the last session before lunch today.

It was so cute watching them sit with their mom and dad while Papa finished up his training session. Couldn't help but wonder if they will ever sit in this room someday as JV missionaries themselves. I wonder about these kinds of things!

Finally it was my turn to speak, for the fourth time at JV Winter Academy, about the vision for our JV Prayer Room in 2019.

They all know I blog so I took a picture of them to put here before I started!

This year I am challenging each JV missionary to a certain number of hours in the Prayer Room in order to strengthen and build their prayer muscles, as we continue pressing forward with a movement of prayer for our ministry in Central and Eastern Europe.

Every documented movement of God in history was preceded by a movement of prayer, and we hope that in our lifetime we will get to see the movement that we've been praying for for twenty five years.

I am deeply committed to praying, championing prayer and believing God for his supernatural work to sweep through this part of the world.

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