Sunday, January 20, 2019

Together for a Birthday Party

Last night, some special people arrived at our house after a 22 hour drive straight from their home.

Any guesses who it was and where they drove from?!

Caleb, Haley and Charlie are back with us for a week to attend JV Winter Academy!

Well, Caleb and Haley will be there while Charlie will be at home with me for Nonnie Camp, along with Judah and Asher (as Tyler and Lara will be at Academy too).

But for today, we are just family celebrating our amazing son, brother, husband and daddy...CALEB!!

When I arrived home after grocery shopping this afternoon I found Caleb out on our patio, warmed by his wool blanket and camping stove.

He's not just trying to stay warm, but is roasting tomatoes, hot peppers, garlic and onion for homemade salsa for his birthday dinner tonight!

It was so very yummy on the gourmet tacos that Haley made to celebrate him tonight! With everyone back around our table once again, it was a very festive evening to celebrate Caleb.

The last time our whole family was home to celebrate his birthday was in 2009, ten years ago!

We had a few more celebrations with him after he left for college, but never "on the day". So it's been a long time since I've actually sat with my "boy" (who is now a great man!) on the day of his birth, remembering how precious that day was when he entered our lives.

And now he knows what that birth day means as a parent since he and Haley had Charlie nearly 17 months ago!

There are so many things I enjoy, appreciate and value in Caleb, but I think one of the greatest is his love for people, including and maybe especially, his family!

He always makes you feel like you're the most important person when he spends time with you. I see that in his relationship with Haley and Charlie, with his brother and sister/sister-in-law, nephews and with Dave and I. And of course with many others who are blessed to be his friends and family.

Haley not only made a fantastic dinner, but a from scratch, gluten free carrot cake that was honestly the best I've ever had! She knows how to love her husband well!

Our evening was spent giving super meaningful gifts, speaking words of life to Caleb from all of us, and just enjoying the gift of being able to share this birthday all together after many years of being apart.

"Thank you Lord for this incredible man, who is leading his family well in Albania, giving his life for the sake of the Gospel, and loving people well everywhere he goes!"

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