Friday, January 4, 2019

Snow In January

After a number of years of little snow in January, we're on track to get our fair share this year!

The weather forecast calls for snow every day for the coming week, and beyond.

Our little furry girl loves the snow, even though I sometimes make her put on this little coat to keep her from getting too much of it in her fur. It's not her favorite thing to wear!

Tomorrow is her 8th birthday, and honestly I'm so thankful that she's still with us.

It's been touch and go this fall with her health, and even in the past few weeks she hasn't been fully herself.

But yesterday and today she feels like she's turning a corner. She even sprinted down the road after I took this photo of her!

She adds a lot of joy to our lives, and to the grandsons when they're here. So I'll be thankful for every day, week and month that she gets to be with us!

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