Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A Refreshing Day

After weeks of wonderful, but nonstop activity, today's train ride from Ostrava was very welcome.

I happily settled in for my three hour ride, mostly just enjoying the view out of the window today since we haven't seen much blue sky for the past weeks!

Arriving right on schedule into Vienna, I then hopped on the metro to take it to the outskirts of the city.

I remember the first time I came here a year and a half ago to see the doctor that I was seeing today. It was a little scary not knowing my way, nor what the appointment would be like.

But today it was the most comfortable afternoon making my way into her building and up the stairs to her cozy waiting room.

Right on schedule she invited me into her office for our hour long appointment to go over all the blood tests that I took earlier this month.

What an immense blessing she has been to me, essentially being a private investigator and solving my health issues! Everything is looking good, and I know what my next steps are to continue the full healing process.

One fun side note to my time with her. I always ask about her son after finding out he lives in the States. I asked if he came home to Austria for Christmas, to which she replied, "No, but I was there in August for the premiere of his latest movie." Curious, I asked her which one. "Well, it's the new Christopher Robin movie...and it's up for an Oscar in best visual effects!"

Her son is the head cinematographer on the film, and she said he worked hand in hand with the visual effects unit to create the film. What a honor to be noted for their work! That will be the only reason I'll look at the Oscar Awards later this month, to find out if they won!

I was back on the train by 6 and home by 9 this evening, happy and thankful for a good day on the train and with my doctor!

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