Monday, January 7, 2019

Vienna Today

After a good night's sleep here in Vienna, Claire and I headed out to my lab appointment here in the city.

I was here a little over a year ago, and the results of it changed my life.

When my doctor read the results from my lab work last year, giving me a diagnosis and prescribing a course of action, it set me on a road that has brought me so much relief.

I'm happy to be back here for another round to see where I'm at now, to figure out what's next.

In case YOU ever happen to come here, the button for getting in needs to be pushed DOWN! I stood here for much too long trying to figure that out! 😬

After finishing there, Claire and I headed onto public transportation to go get breakfast.

We came out from the underground, and there in front of us was the only person we know who lives in Vienna!!

She was a classmate of Claire's in high school, who is now working in Vienna. Out of 1.8 million people who live here, she was in our path today, heading to the train herself to go on a trip. How crazy and wonderful to have seen her for just a few minutes!

We went on to our favorite place to get breakfast.

And then to a coffee shop to get some work done today.

It's actually hard to find a coffee shop in Vienna where it's okay to work. Vienna has a very strong coffee culture where you are just social in the shop. That's great! But in our case, we both needed to work today even though we're here in this beautiful city.

If you need to work, want some good coffee, and maybe even a "zimtschnecke", this might be your place!

Hornig Coffee Roaster

We sat at the counter facing the window, and I seriously could have stayed there all day!

But Claire and I had decided to do one last thing before we took the train home.

Back in 2010, for Claire's 16th birthday, we brought her to Vienna to see the Albertina Art Museum. I think she came back with school one time (or had already come then?), but needless to say, it's been a while since we've been here!

But we are remedying that today, since art museums are among Claire's happy places to be!

While we'd get to the famous artists soon, we first went to see an exhibition that is here for a limited time.

Helen Levitt was an American photographer who first began in the late 1930's. Most of her work was done in Manhattan, near Brooklyn where she was from. She remained an active photographer for 70 years!

But do you know why I liked her?

With a secret camera hidden in her coat, she took every day pictures of every day people on the subways of New York City! That work was done in the early 1940's, and then again in the 1970's when she did it openly! That sounds like something I would do (well...maybe what I DO do!) just to capture the normal things of life!

We continued on through the gallery after taking in her wonderful exhibition.

Sometimes the Albertina has exhibitions of Monet, but it's not there right now. At least we got to see something from his work!

It's always so interesting to see what paintings "call your name", if you know what I mean. This was one of those for Claire.

And this was one of those for me! Any ideas why?!

I love color, I love landscapes, and I love the simplicity that allows my imagination to wander!

I don't remember seeing a Marc Chagall the last time we were here, so this was fun to see.

When I went with Claire to the Chicago Art Institute a few years ago, I got to see some of his stain glass work. Both that and this painting were spectacular to see in person! LOVE the colors!

All too soon it was time to go. But I'm so glad that we had some time here today!

Art is so subjective. Everyone loves something a little different. Which is why it's so fun to go see it with someone! I loved seeing what Claire enjoyed, and I loved pointing out what I liked.

Somewhere inside of me I feel like there is an artist! I haven't figured out how to get it out yet, but in the meantime I so love to enjoy other people's works...especially the ones who use color so brilliantly!

What a sweet time, soaking in beauty in the arts here at the Albertina with Claire!

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