Thursday, January 31, 2019

Afternoon Goodbyes

Since I'm going to be gone for the next three weeks, I wanted to take a quick trip into Ostrava today.

Two little boys live in the white building on the right (below), and they were waiting for me when I rang the doorbell after taking this photo!

I dropped in to Tyler and Lara's home to see Asher and Judah!

Right after they left us this past week-end, Judah came down with the flu and has been sick for days. Poor little guy! Thankfully he was feeling better today.

Lara has had her hands full with tending to a sick child, and still making life happen for the rest of the family. She is such a great mom and wife!

And I'm so glad everyone was feeling okay today so that Nonnie could stop by for her snuggles before leaving for Albania and then the States for three weeks!

The drive back home this afternoon was absolutely much so that I stopped the car and rolled down the window to take a picture!

You can barely see Lysá hora, the highest peak covered in snow, but it's in the above photo, and a bit of it in this one too if you look really hard!

What a glorious day to go out on.

But I'll miss my Beskydy Mountains while we're away.

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