Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Taking Care of Malenovice

Waking up to a spectacularly beautiful morning, I was glad I had a meeting up at Malenovice so I could take in all the beauty of the day!

While we still don't have any news on our permits for the event center that we are planning to build here, some other changes are in store at the hotel so Radek, Petr and I met this morning to work on those.

We haven't done any major updates since the hotel renovation was finished in 2001. There have been a lot of overnights and meals here since then, so we're in need of some freshening up with paint, curtains and carpet, as well as a few changes in the dining area.

Our little team worked so well together this morning, gathering all our ideas and prioritizing next steps in the process of making these changes.

When we first purchased the hotel in 1998, we prayed that it would be a place where people came to be challenged, nourished and equipped in their faith.

And that's happening more and more as the years go by!

For 20 years now, Malenovice has been a very special place to many people -- the JV family and many others as well -- so we want to steward this gem of a place well, and keep it in tip top shape for all that God wants to continue doing here in the lives of people!

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