Saturday, January 26, 2019

Goodbye for Now

This Saturday morning started out like every other day for the past two weeks since Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher came to stay at our house during the weeks of JV Winter Academy up at Malenovice.

Breakfast, coffee, toys, books. All good things that start a day off well!

But today is the last morning, for a while, where I'll wake up to happy little boy voices in our house.

Today, Tyler and Lara packed up to head home to Ostrava while I finished one last book with Judah.

Next on Judah's morning list, before leaving, was getting in some guitar time.

He was seriously so adorable, playing it along with worship music we had going in the house today! This guy has some good rhythm in his bones.

I had asked Tyler and Lara if they wanted to take it home with them, or if they'd rather leave it here to be special at Nonnie's house. The one thing about this guitar is that it's got "effects" on it, meaning, it's one of those potentially annoying toys to have in the house. 😂

But when they said yes, I got to tell Judah he could take it home. This is him telling his dad that Nonnie said yes (when in reality, his parents said yes!).

The house was very quiet after they left this morning, especially since Dave had already left at 6 AM to go teach in Pardubice all day!

While I missed their sweet faces today, and all the daily interactions with Tyler and Lara along the way these past two weeks, it's right for all of us to move on with what the Lord has next for us. But oh how thankful I am that we get to have these kinds of times of living life at our house together with our kids and grandsons!

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