Thursday, January 10, 2019

More Hygge

I passed by this local cafe a few days ago and noticed something new.

The main wall used to be across that open space just past the table, which made the cafe very cozy, but small. So small that I didn't want to go because you couldn't really have a private conversation there. It was more like a living room to hang out in, which is fine if you don't mind if everyone hears what you're saying!

I found out that just three days before Christmas they opened a new section that lets the cafe "breathe" now.

While the new section is full of easels and photography right now, it will eventually be more seating when it's completed.

With a friend, I sat at the long table this morning, enjoying the warmth as well as looking outside and enjoying the snow covering.

I hadn't stopped to notice the snowmen when we walked in, but did when we walked out. They made me smile!

Do you see that his nose is made of a cucumber and his hair is the top of a pineapple?!

This next one especially made me smile. What a happy little snowman on a cold wintry day in the mountains!

When I got home a package had arrived from my friend Laura in Poland. She'd told me she was having a book sent to me for Christmas, and it arrived today, after just experiencing the heart of it at that cafe this morning!

I wrote about the concept of hygge, a Danish term, four years ago, in January 2015, and then this little gem of a book came out in 2017. I've seen it in a bookstore but haven't read it. I can hardly wait to dig in and find out more about how to create hygge during these cold months. Thanks Laura!

This afternoon's attempt at it included candles, lights turned on, hot tea and a snuggly dog curled up beside me as the snow continued to fall.

Here's to creating more hygge this winter!

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  1. Next time I come, I want to go to this cafe with you...and paint a painting! :o)