Friday, January 25, 2019

End of Another Nonnie Camp

I took all of three photos today.

Even though it was a day full of many memorable moments, I was so concentrated on what was happening that I barely remembered to even get those three!

At lunchtime I finished this year's version of Nonnie Camp with my three little grandsons who were here while their parents were at Malenovice for JV Winter Academy, a staff development training week.

Tyler and Lara came home for lunch to relieve me so that I could go have lunch with this dear friend who has been up at the hotel all week.

Normally Geri lives and serves in Czech with JV, but right now she and her husband are living in the States for nine months. She has been a key partner with me in creating and developing the JV Prayer Room so I've missed our get-togethers a lot while she's been gone. She'll head back to the States in a few days, and return in May.

After saying goodbye to her, I quickly drove up to Malenovice to say goodbye to Caleb and Haley, who had packed up all their things at our house and were heading to Bratislava to pick up Charlie before continuing on to their home in Albania. The goodbye was so quick that I didn't get a picture with them!

But Claire happened to be there too, packing up all the baby things that had been at Malenovice these past two weeks for those who brought their littlest ones. I helped her get everything back down to the storage area in Frydlant and then invited her for coffee, to a new place that I'd never been to nearby!

But again, didn't take a photo with her in it as we were talking as fast as we could, getting caught up on the past weeks!

Tyler and Lara are spending the night at our house again tonight as they found out their furnace went off at their apartment making it too cold to sleep there. So I'll get to see my little guys one more time in the morning, and surely get a few more pictures before they head back to Ostrava!

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