Sunday, May 5, 2019

A Quiet Night

What do you do when another incredible JV Spring Conference is finished??

Hang out with your kids who get to stay a couple extra days!

Since it was cold outside (it snowed this morning - I've never seen snow this late here before!), we hunkered down at home for the afternoon, talking and enjoying time together before Dave and Caleb left to go out for dinner together.

Haley and I had talked earlier and decided that we wanted to go out too (since I didn't have ANY food in the house due to conference week!) so headed into our little local mall in Frydek.

It's pretty sleepy here on a Sunday night, which was absolutely perfect for us...and for Charlie! It meant getting the train all to himself.

Oh the magic of what 10 Kc can buy ($.43!).

Bless his little heart, he wanted to hold Nonnie's hand as it went around and around and around we went!

I'm glad 10 Kc doesn't buy too much time or I might have gotten dizzy. 🤪 But it was just right for Charlie and he was content to just hang out in there for a while afterward.

Haley, Charlie and I pretty much closed down the mall, enjoying the quiet and the time there together!

(And did get groceries on our way out so we'd have something to eat at home tomorrow! 😂)

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