Wednesday, May 8, 2019

In Exile

When Tyler asked me yesterday if he could come and use our house as his "office" today, I was only too happy to oblige! (He needed to do ForMission interviews here since today is a national holiday and the JV/KAM office is closed)

With all that's been going on these past months, I'll be room looks a bit like a tornado hit it and needed some tender loving care.

So "Exile" to my room for part of the day was exactly what I needed.

I first sat down in my rocking chair and had wonderful time in the Word and with the Lord, looking up at Lysa Hora, who this blog is named after (I am literally "Living by Lysa"!).

I had no sooner sat down than Claire sent me this photo.

She's not in the photo!

She was CLIMBING Lysa today! I actually took the first picture right after she sent me this one to show her that I was looking up at her!

She's been wanting to climb Lysa all winter and hadn't had time. But today got to do it with her roommate!

And me? I have no other pictures to show because I was busy all day putting my room and life back in order after some busy months!

Thank you Tyler for asking if you could come to work here today. 😉

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