Monday, May 6, 2019

See You Later

With JV Spring Conference over, we got to enjoy a little more family time before Caleb, Haley and Charlie head back to Albania.

Where better to meet up than our big mall in Ostrava?!

Dave had all day board meetings for KAM, our Czech JV organization, but all the rest of us were happy to get to see each other again today!

Since coffee is part of our Patty family culture, we took everyone upstairs to Ostravanka for a little coffee and family time.

The cousins quickly spotted the fun things to play on just a few meters away from the coffee shop, so headed over there to hang out with them.

We grabbed lunch "to go" and headed up to a toy store play area where there are rarely many others - maybe people don't know about it?! But it was the perfect place to let the boys play/eat while we adults enjoyed time together. I'm sorry I didn't get photos to show that indeed Haley and Claire were there too (you already saw that Caleb, Tyler and Lara were).

The one thing I wanted was to get a picture with the boys before they separated again for a while.

That is easier said than done.

These pictures cracked me up later (thank you Claire for taking them!) when I saw all the different expressions on their face as we were trying to get the "perfect" one.

But really, who's to say what's perfect and what's not??!!

Asher had been so happy before we officially started taking them, but then wasn't into it once the real photo taking commenced. Charlie was at least looking at the camera, while Judah was smiling, but not at the camera!

And as we finished, Asher returned to his happy self, Judah's not so sure what he's supposed to do, and Charlie is still looking "just in case"! ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Oh how these three little men have my heart no matter what!!!

Soon it was time to say goodbyes.

Oops! Sorry Lara, I caught you trying to get a bit, which I know hadn't been easy up to this point!

Thankfully this is just a "see you later" as Caleb, Haley and Charlie will be back at the end of the month for JV Amazing Race and Intern training.

It's the sweetest thing that these cousins not only know each other, but get to see each other fairly often, considering they live 1670 kilometers (1038 miles) from each other!

So as we headed down the escalator for our car, Judah smiled and could truly say, "See you later!"

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