Friday, May 3, 2019

Wish You Were Here

It's nearly impossible to describe what a morning at spring conference is like:

The vibrance and joy of worship.

The depth and vulnerability of relationships.

The passion and devotion to God.

It is something truly special, and something we value wholeheartedly as a gift from Him.

I tried to take a panorama shot this morning, just to give a little sense of what it looks like to be in the tent. But the guy in the red sweatshirt moved just as I snapped the photo so it makes him look pretty strange in that photo! 🤪

But he, Korban, was up on stage later this morning to lead us in a wonderful exercise of worship, so you can see that he really is a whole person!

Dave spoke this morning on how to spot an idol in our lives, and also gave the seven signs of when we're trusting in an idol and the seven signs of true worship and trust in God.

In the second session he began to walk us through the first two idol archetypes found in the Bible, and how we can recognize them as idols in our own lives.

When you're confronted by and realize that these idols have been a part of your life, you want to repent and smash them as quickly as possible! And then you want to worship the one true God. While it's not the same as being here, I wanted to give you a short clip of worship to enjoy.

This afternoon we all headed into Ostrava for "JV Family Day", another one of our traditions that started long ago. It's a time for the JV family to play, hang out, and enjoy time with each other, which we did at the Science and Technology Center in Ostrava since it has great play areas for the kids!

When we say the JV Family, we don't mean just the nuclear families, though those are important too!

In our case, we have the best of both worlds...the JV family at large, and our own family, which includes both of Charlie's grandparents!

This picture cracks me up! It's really not Charlie's personality at all, which makes it all the funnier to see! He's teething and developing a cough, so wasn't feeling his best today. But it's still a great picture that hopefully he'll laugh at too some day!

It is an added gift from the Lord that Mark and Amy, Haley's mom and dad, serve with JV in Slovakia!

The JV Family spent several hours at the Science Center, and then headed out in groups to dinner at the mall and nearby restaurants.

I was having such a good time with people that I didn't take any other photos today! But hopefully this gives you a window into a day of our spring conference.

I wish you were here to experience it!

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  1. I love seeing the pictures. I love hearing your sons leading worship (along with everyone else, of course...but seeing them together leading is my favorite!). I love seeing the picture of you and Amy with Charlie crying (it's going to be a keeper for sure!). Thanks for giving us a glimpse into what the JV conference is like. Wish I was there with you. :o)