Wednesday, May 1, 2019

On the Streets of Ostrava

On this beautiful first day of May, I drove into the city center of Ostrava this morning.

I heard that there were some people out and about that I could meet up with on the downtown streets. 😉

Recognize these people?!

Caleb, Haley and Charlie arrived last night from Albania and spent the night at Tyler and Lara's home here in Ostrava!

This morning they had all walked to the mall nearby to get supplies for JV Spring Conference which starts later on today, so were on their way back when I arrived to pick up Caleb, Haley and Charlie to take them up to Malenovice.

What's crazy is that I have pictures of OUR family on these same streets, nearly twenty five years ago when we first moved here!

Back then I sure never thought about the possibility that some day those little kids would grow up and have kids of their own...and that I'd get to take pictures of their kids in some of the same spots where their parents grew up!

This afternoon, while Tyler and Caleb had practice down at the tent with the worship band for tonight's evening program, I brought the moms and kids up the hill to the hotel, to bring things in for Caleb and Haley.

How very sweet to see these aunts and cousins coming here together, on the same mission with each other...even if the kids don't know it yet (they just think it's so cool to get to be with each other!).

But who knows what God is preparing THEM for someday?

As they grow up in each of their families who are serving God, I have no doubt it will have an impact on them; and perhaps one day they will be bringing THEIR families to Malenovice to carry on God's vision and mission in Josiah Venture!

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