Thursday, May 2, 2019

Gwyneth and Kendra

One of our sweetest traditions at JV spring conference is saying goodbye to our JV Kids who are graduating from high school and heading on to college. 

This morning we had two of those goodbyes: for Gwyneth (in the green jacket) and Kendra (our niece) to her right.

These two moved with their families to Slovakia (G) and Slovenia (K) when they were tiny girls, so have grown up most of their lives in JV.

Because we all know them and want to bless them with our tradition of words at their goodbye, it was hard to limit who got to say something to them!

You can't imagine the words of encouragement, blessing and honor that were given to these two exceptional young woman! They have both been faithful followers of the Lord, sharing Christ with their friends and active in ministry with their parents.

I happened to be sitting behind Gwyneth's parents as they shared so could capture the joy on their faces as they talked so sweetly about their daughter.

Each of the girls then shared about what's next for them.

Gwyneth will be attending Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan to study nursing, and Kendra will be at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL studying Christian ministries and international relations. She'll even be rooming with one of our JVK alumni from Croatia!

I wish you could see and feel the emotion in the room, along with the tears, as different ones spoke about who these two girls are. They used words like tenacious, responsive to God, full of life, full of love for the people in their countries, leaders among the JVK, influencers and ones who have carried, and will continue to carry God's truth.

The leader of their JVK group, Gwynne, came up to pray for them at the end; she prayed they would be rooted and established in who they have become here, and that they would carry that fragrance of Christ with them to the places they are now going.

I have every confidence that they will indeed do that as they are exceptional young woman, who love God with all their hearts.

We're cheering them on as they get ready to head to the places that God is now calling them to; but we'll also miss them so very much.

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