Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Patty's

Some days on my blog I have significant things to share - like updates on what God is doing in this part of the world, and how He's changing lives.

Other days I tell fun stories about our lives, trying to be honest and give a real life view of what it's like for us to live in Czech and serve with JV.

On other days...I get to mark moments in our family's life. Like this.

The day we took our JV Spring conference staff photo last week, I asked Marek, one of our C-team guys, if he would mind getting a family photo for the midst of the chaos of having just photographed not only staff, but JV Kids!

You wouldn't know there had been chaos by these tranquil photos though!

While there was still a lot of milling around, and noise in the background, Marek was able to capture yet another moment in life with these people that we love so much...and that we get to serve with in JV.

One of our other guys on the C-team just sent these to me, in the midst of their post conference recovery (aka: a trip to Prague to enjoy some well deserved time off!).

I am SO thankful for their willingness to send these to me today! They truly mean the world to me.

Even more importantly,  I wholeheartedly thank them for their use of talents and gifts to capture these memories for us.

Thank you so much Jacob and Marek!

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