Monday, May 6, 2019

Partner Organization Family

You may not know that Josiah Venture is actually made up of partner organizations, founded in each country JV works in, to support and sustain the ministry.

The organizations are registered according to the laws and requirements of that region, and then serves as a partner within Josiah Venture.

Each partner organization is accountable to the vision and values of JV and are required to operate according to the JV standards. As partners, they have access to the resources of the entire team, including staff, training materials, and financial systems. In addition, they covenant with the other organizations within Josiah Venture to mutual accountability and support.

Didn't know if you knew all of that!

Tonight Dave and I attended the annual meeting for KAM, the partner organization here in Czech.

Dave founded it in 1997 and led it until 2007. Since then it has had several different leaders, has grown (they now have almost 100 on their staff) but has kept the same vision: to prepare young leaders to fulfill Christ's commission in the local church. That's what it says on the red banner behind Dusan, KAM's director.

Their five building blocks are love, relationships, prayer, God's Word, and vision.

It was so good to be here tonight, right after Spring Conference, getting an update on what KAM is doing in the Czech Republic.

Several people gave updates, including our son, Tyler, who shared about ForMission, the theological education program that will be starting here in the fall.

We heard about camps and mentoring from Mark and Landen, along with many other good reports.

Tonight was also two goodbyes.

Daniel and Kim Johnson (on the left), who we said goodbye to earlier at our spring conference, are leaving to return to the States and pursue God's next calling on their life. Dave and Geri Fuehring are also moving back to the States, but staying with JV to work out of our office on mobilization and fundraising for all of our JV missionaries still raising support. So while they're leaving Czech and the KAM team, they will still be with us at conferences and such!

There was a sweet time of prayer over them, commissioning both couples into God's next plans for their lives.

While people do come and go in JV, from within our national organizations, it's amazing that we maintain a feeling of family...which means, "once family, always family"! So this is another "see you later" with these dear friends!

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