Thursday, May 2, 2019

JV Spring Conference 2019

On JV spring conference picture taking day, God answered our prayer request for a change in the weather from what was predicted.

As we gathered in the amphitheater for our annual team photo, I was so thankful for his mercy to give us a beautiful first full day of conference!

Our Haley, Caleb and Charlie, along with a few other JV folks!

Every year God continues to give increase and we are beyond grateful for his leading in the lives of every person in this photo who has followed the calling of God in their lives. Praise Him for this group of faith-filled people!

And praise Him for our JV Kids!

There is a lot of joy in those pictures as everyone is already having such a great week at conference!

Such a great time that it's wearing out some of us. 🤣

Our grandson, Judah, came and found me at lunch, asked to sit on my lap, and then promptly fell asleep. He'll need that nap as there is still more to come in this day as we continue on with more of our program.

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  1. There's just something about seeing the whole team for your annual picture that REALLY tells the story of the growth, the unity, the beauty of the diversity in your team, and on it goes! And then to see all the JV kids in one photo too is awesome! As you said earlier, this is the next generation of leaders...and we already know that many will come back on JV Staff....whoo hoo!!!!