Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Off to Prague

This morning I had a very cute train companion going to Prague with me!

Claire and I were headed there to meet up with the JV staff who will be helping on the Amazing Race for our summer interns.

But it doesn't look very much like summer today.

It was a good thing we brought our umbrellas to walk around Prague today!

We've had record amounts of rain this month, and the forecast for the next three days of the Amazing Race isn't looking so good. Hopefully we'll find some cute places like this one to duck into if it ends up raining the whole time.

Head Shot Coffee in Prague is a winner, just in case you ever need a good cup when you're here!

The lemon tart was excellent too!

The rain had let up a little bit by the time we finished our coffee, so we headed out to explore Prague for the afternoon.

It doesn't matter how many times I've been here, it's still magical for me and every time somehow nourishes me.

In the evening we met up with our incredible teammates, Zuzi and Rachael, who have been responsible for this year's Amazing Race and interns. It blesses me so much that they didn't start explaining anything about what was ahead of us before they spent time praying.

Then it was down to business with Zuzi giving us all of our instructions for the stations that we'll be manning over the next three days as the interns run our version of the Amazing Race.

Some of our teammates will have intern teams this summer, while others just came to be helpers on the race. They are all AMAZING people!! And this is going to be such a great race this year! I can't hardly wait to get started!

We'll be out and about in Prague for the next day and a half, and then will head on to other locations after that!

The interns fly in tomorrow, beginning in the morning and hopefully finishing by mid-afternoon when we'll be starting the race.

It's a grueling way to begin as they'll all be jet lagging while they get to know their teammates on the race. But it's an awesome way to begin preparing for the challenges and adventures that lie ahead this summer by encountering those kinds of things on the Amazing Race.

We pray that God readies their hearts for all that He has in store for them!

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