Saturday, May 25, 2019

Early Birthday Party for Asher

Oh this dear little Patty man!!

Asher turns 2 on June 12th, but today we're having our Papa and Nonnie birthday party to celebrate him!

It's been such an amazing gift to watch him grow these past 16 months since he and his family moved here to Czech. He was just 7 months old when they arrived, and wow have there been changes since then!

Asher is a loving, gentle soul with a glimmer in his eye and a quick giggle out of his mouth! He absolutely adores his family, including his Papa.

Papa had the good idea of using noise-canceling headphones so he could enjoy the tractor ride!

While he's been saying "Papa" for quite some time now, he just started saying "Nonnie", and it's the cutest thing to hear it come out of his mouth many, many times a day when he's here.

I asked him if he wanted to help me make his birthday cake today, and I got a big smile and a nod of the head telling me that he'd very much like to do that!

We made lemon bars, and then worked on getting lunch ready together...all of his favorites, including watermelon and french fries!

Before having dessert and gifts, Papa took a quick pictures of the birthday boy with his adoring family!

Once birthday dessert and song were done, it was time for gifts. Thanks to a little bird (thank you dear Lara!) who told me that Asher would probably really enjoy one of the little kid bikes that are popular here in Czech, Papa and I made that wish come true.

These starter bikes don't have pedals - you just push them with your feet. This helps them learn balance and prepare them for a real bike when they're bigger. It was so sweet watching him try it out with his daddy on our sidewalks.

Asher is a hearty boy, who loves adventure and yet has a huge heart of compassion too. He's funny, smart, likes to snuggle, loves his brother and parents, and likes coming over to Papa and Nonnie's house!

Happy Birthday, a little early, to our precious little Asher!

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