Thursday, May 2, 2019

Closing the Day with Family

As the sun set on this beautiful first day of JV spring conference, my heart was so full!

The teaching and worship have been so rich; the fellowship and team time have been so nourishing.

And then there's family time on top of all that goodness!

We joined Tyler, Lara and family for dinner tonight out on the terrace of the hotel.

This is our first spring conference since 2009 to have all of our kids here with us again; that is such a grace, mercy and kindness from the Lord.

It's amazing to see them serving in their gifting, stepping into what God has for them as they obediently follow Him...Tyler, Lara and Claire here in Czech, and Caleb and Haley in Albania.

Who knows what God has in store for our next generation?!!

It was so sweet to watch Judah reach out to little Jesse, one of our new JVK born this past year!

Speaking of family, look who else is here this week!

Our darling niece, Rebecca (Josh and Kristi's daughter) is here leading a team from California Baptist University, serving our JVK this week by helping to lead the program for them! Becca just finished her junior year of college, and also continues to faithful and obediently follow the Lord. It was a huge blessing this evening to get a little time with her!

Oh these days of spring conference are full! It's taken me four different posts to capture all that happened in just ONE DAY!

Hopefully I'll be able to consolidate the happenings at conference in the days to come!

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