Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Airport Run

Dave left early this morning. I didn't even hear him leave, I was sleeping so hard after the emotion of last night's goodbye with our dear friends, Brian and Aleisha.

He's headed to Switzerland for meetings with the leadership team of Global Youth Initiative, an organization we've been partnering with for over twenty years.

I was so happy to find these two down in the kitchen, still here for a few more hours.

Although Charlie had been up since 5:30, he was a cheery little guy this morning!

We had fun making faces and laughing together - he's such a little character!

All too soon it was time to get them packed up and in the car to head for the airport. One last photo with Charlie on our driveway was a Nonnie necessity. 😂

We drove down into town, to Brian and Aleisha's house so Caleb and Haley could say goodbye.

Walking into their house brought so many memories, especially of the first few months when their twin boys were born and I got to help her. It's hard to believe they're already 8!

Their little Eli was born here in Czech too, and was the only one of the three kids home today while the container is being packed up with all their belongings.

We didn't stay long as they had just a few hours to get everything packed before the truck would take off. So we said quick goodbyes, and gave last hugs.

And got one last picture of Caleb, Haley and Charlie before getting in the car for the long drive to the airport.

They left from Krakow and had a flight to Frankfurt with a long layover, and then another flight to Tirana. They won't be home until late tonight.

But it was so good to have them here, as always, and I prayed for them as they headed for check-in, that God will bless them in their ministry in Albania as they learn the language, continue to settle there, and anticipate camps this summer where teenagers will hear the Gospel and have an opportunity to respond.

May there be some new Albanian brothers and sisters in Christ as a result of the bold faith loving faithfulness of the JV Albanian team as they give their lives for the sake of the Gospel there.

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