Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day: on the couch

On this Mother's Day (my 30th!), I spent it on the couch, sick with a horrible cough. There are sure worse things that could happen than that on a day like today!

I'm thankful that I have three awesome kids who made me a mom; that I have my own mom to honor today; and that I have a mom-in-law that I love too!

My sweet Claire, my last born, ministered to me on this Mother's Day, when I could hardly get out of bed.

She made lunch, brought me GF carrot cake (from Haley's recipe with lactose free frosting that is SOMETHING ELSE...I love frosting so I'm a good judge!), and brought my favorite soda: Almdudler from Austria! THANK YOU CLAIRE!

I think you brought me something else but right now can't remember it!

Dave brought me flowers, which was extra sweet considering me didn't get home until 4 AM (delayed flight, then a late night train ride) and had to be up to PREACH at church at 10. HE is something else!!!

Besides being something else, he's tired too...but still sat here with me!

All things considered, it was a very sweet Mother's Day, being confined to the couch.

Oh and Dave made me a fire and brought me special chocolate from Switzerland so that's good too!

Loved talking to the kids today; love talking to them on all days! But it was sweet to be honored by them, just as I honor my mom and mom-in-law today too!

Happy Mother's Day all of you AMAZING MOMS OUT THERE!!!!

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  1. Sorry you're sick and yet it sounds like all the love from your kids went straight to your heart. That's gotta be kicking your immune system into high gear with all that LOVE!!!