Friday, May 24, 2019

Kind Neighbor

Our dear neighbor lady, a simple, loving, prayerful woman who visits me almost every day, brought something to me a few weeks ago.

Earlier in the spring she began telling me that my family needed to grow watermelons this year. Each time she'd visit we'd have the same conversation (she often gets fixated on certain things) saying how healthy watermelons are, and that our grandsons should eat a lot of them (which they would heartily agree with!).

Well, not only did she tell me we should do it, but she paid for a watermelon plant for us and brought it to me. I've had to keep alive all these weeks before we could plant small feat for me! 🤣

Today when she stopped by, she said that this week-end is the time for it to be planted. And not only that, but she told me that if we want to keep rodents and bugs away from the plant, we should slice up garlic and put it in the hole before planting. I told her I'd tell Tyler about that, and shortly after that, she left for home.

But ten minutes later, she was back with this!

Yes, she brought me the garlic! She wanted to MAKE SURE that we really did what she said we should do!

So you can be sure, I'll pass on this garlic to Tyler tomorrow so that he can put it in the ground with our watermelon plant!

You just have to love this neighbor of ours, for all her thoughtfulness and kindness!

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