Thursday, May 23, 2019

Faithful Church Family

After two weeks of not leaving our house due to sickness, tonight was my first night out. And where did Dave and I go?

Up to Malenovice, to see friends of ours from Laurelwood Baptist Church in Vancouver, Washington!

Laurelwood was my home church throughout my college years, and the church that sent me when I went on my first mission's trip in 1984. They have been supporting me (and then us!), in so many different ways, for 35 years now.

Every couple of years they faithfully send a team to do work projects for us at Malenovice. Tonight was this group's last night here before they head home after a week of work they've down in the cabin area.

Dave and I got to share stories with them tonight of how God is working and moving, and answering their prayers over all these years!

Petr and Lauren Bozon have been hosting them this week, and are Laurelwood's newest missionaries that they've started supporting (Lauren is in yellow, and Petr is next to her!).

How thankful I am for this group of people who belong to such a loving church, who care for their missionaries in such practical and helpful ways. Thank you Laurelwood for being such a faithful church family all these years!

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