Saturday, May 11, 2019

Didn't See That Coming

This morning I woke up completely and absolutely sick. I sure didn't see that one coming.

Claire and I did our Velvet Ashes retreat yesterday, and while I felt a tickle in my throat at times during the day, I had full energy and was feeling pretty good.

But this morning was a COMPLETELY different story.

I was coughing as if I'd had bronchitis for weeks (or had been smoking for twenty years...which obviously was not true even though I sounded like it!). My body thoroughly ached and I had a splitting headache along with the sore throat (probably from coughing so much).

Today was supposed to be an early Mother's Day for me, with Tyler and Lara coming to make lunch, and Claire, Judah and Asher here too (Dave is still in Switzerland with GYI). But that was not to be. I spent 99.9% of the day in bed, sleeping, when I wasn't coughing violently.

I finally got up to go downstairs and at least try to eat and drink something. What a good time it was to get up!

The days are getting longer here, and this was at just a few minutes before 8 PM!

With a hot cup of tea in hand, I stood at the window watching as the sun set, not wanting to miss the beauty of the day ... because I'd already missed a certain part of its beauty that didn't get to happen due to being sick.

All these years I've trained my mind to be thankful, no matter what. So I stood here praising the Lord and thanking Him for meeting me in a sun set, and obviously lying me down in "green pastures", though I didn't know I needed it!

Here's to a better day tomorrow, whatever that might hold!

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