Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Walking and Remembering

This morning I met with two women who are interested in developing a movement of prayer for the ministry they are a part of.

We had such a good morning, praying together, and then talking strategy about prayer for several hours. It made my day!

How perfect to pass a little chapel after I'd just spent the morning, praying and talking about prayer!

Because my car is in the shop this week, I decided to walk home afterward, taking the back way rather than the regular route. What a good decision that was today!

Fall is just starting to head our way, with leaves beginning to turn color, and the air crisp in the morning, and warm by afternoon (when it's not raining, as it was just yesterday!).

Being on this route home reminded me of ten years ago this month when I ran my first, and last, half marathon!

Though it's the one and only I ever did, I still look back on it as one of my greatest accomplishments ...right up there with childbirth. For real!

I trained often on this particular route, trying to build strength by climbing this hills, and trying to enjoy the view along the way.

I can honestly say, I enjoyed the view w-a-a-y-y more today than I ever did on those training runs! 🤣

Since I did the training back in 2009 in spring and summer, and ran the race in early October, I never saw this route in the fall. It is absolutely lovely!

Would I ever train for a long distance race again? Probably not! But I definitely need to walk this route more often.

That's Lysá hora in the distance, with the faint tracing of a tower on top. It's the highest mountain in the Beskydy range.

And it's the mountain I named my blog after since I live by "her"!

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  1. After 26 years, still praying I will walk that with you Dear Friend💞! It's so Beautiful!