Friday, December 6, 2019

Friend in Vienna

After finishing a theological study summit in Vienna last night with some of our JV teammates, I took a walk this morning over to another hotel.

The hotel is to the right and left, not inside the golden domes ahead! 

A few days ago I received an email from a long time friend of mine, who happened to mention that she was going to be in Vienna this week-end with her husband and some friends of theirs. Seriously??!!

Not wanting to miss a chance to hug her and catch up for an hour, we met over tea before they began their day of sightseeing.

Sondra, I am so thankful for you!!

She lives in Istanbul, so you can imagine how crazy excited I was that she was here in Vienna, on this day, of all days, when I could see her! Oh the balm it was to my soul to get to share our hearts with each other this morning. She is a treasured friend of 30+ years!

After saying goodbye, I walked back to our hotel to meet Dave so that we could go downtown to the Christmas Market at the Rathaus (town hall) in Vienna, the most famous of all the markets throughout the city.

It was a dark and cloudy day, and cold to the bone; but I wouldn't have missed coming down here to see it for anything. There's just something so charming about it!

Dave wasn't feeling well today so didn't want to be in the picture with me!

It's been a very full week so it felt good to wander the market, and then head downtown to run a few errands. Not a bad place to run an errand right?!

The pharmacy where I pick up prescriptions is just down at the end of this block - I never mind going there!

What a good day it's been, to finish up our time in Vienna this week!

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