Sunday, December 29, 2019

Lucy Comes to Visit

After putting the three little guys down for the night at Papa and Nonnie's house, the rest of us stayed up for "Christmas Eve" enjoying being together.

It might not look like those are happy faces! But trust me, there was a lot of laughter!

Not only are sons, daughters and grandkids here, but there's another family member for our Patty Family Christmas as well.

Meet Lucy, the flop eared bunny! She belongs to Judah, who got him as his 4 year old birthday present from his mom and dad. And she has come to stay for Christmas too!

It didn't take her long to discover the tastiness of the Christmas tree. Who else knew that rabbits eat the needles off trees??

She's a cutie though, and very good-natured! It will just add to the fun and chaos of having everyone here for the next four days for our family celebration of Christmas!

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