Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Son and Grandson

After a forty minute public transportation ride for me, and a four hour drive for Tyler, Lara and their boys from Ostrava, we arrived here at the exact same time this morning.

That's their white car with the brake lights on

They came for Lara and Judah to see the doctor I've been going to over the past couple of years here in Vienna.

Since it was going to be two hours before they were finished, Tyler, Asher and I set off on a little adventure of our own.

We hopped onto the metro and headed down the line to our destination. I think Asher was excited about our adventure!

And...we're here!

This is Schönbrunn Palace where one of Vienna's beautiful outdoor Christmas markets is located!

Despite the cold, we wandered around in search of a treat for Asher....

...and coffee for Tyler and I!

Don't be fooled by Asher's frowny face! It never lasts for long!

We then set off to walk the grounds and see what we could discover that would interest a two year old!

You can't see the one lone duck in the pond, but Asher was quick to spot him!

And this makes me laugh!

We're on these famously beautiful palace grounds, and Tyler's carrying around a bag of bear chips because Asher asked for a 'nack while we walked!! ðŸ˜‚

Having been here before, I knew that there was a fun store at the end of the grounds that I thought Asher might like.

Yes, it's a Lindt chocolate store, with all the Lindt chocolate you could ever want!!

And Asher's good-hearted daddy let him pick out something to enjoy from there.

He enjoyed every last bit of that Lindt chocolate bear!

What a fun couple of hours with these two, exploring a part of Vienna together!

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