Thursday, December 26, 2019

Holiday in Czech

If you're living in the States, you've probably gone back to normal life today on this "day after Christmas".

But here in Czech, today is still a holiday! All the stores are closed, and people are still in celebration mode.

Typically today is the day you visit your relatives here in Czech. But I took to visiting a different "relative" who lives in Switzerland.

This is my little "sister" of over 40 years now!

Isabel came to live with our family as an exchange student for a year from Argentina when I was 16, and she was 15. Amazingly we have stayed connected all these years, while she made moves to Germany and Switzerland and got married, and I moved to Germany and the Czech Republic because of our ministries!

We caught up this afternoon and had a good long chat about her kids and mine, and all the other family members that we "share". We hope that one of these years we'll get to see each other again!

Then tonight was a visit from friends for the evening.

Tomorrow I'll begin to get things ready for our kids who will all be here on the 29th for our Patty family Christmas celebration.

But for today, it was good to soak in one last day of holiday here in Czech!

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