Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Timehop Remembers

While Christmas is being celebrated today, Timehop is working to give me some memories of Christmas past!

The Christmas that Lara and Tyler visited when they were engaged!

I'm not sure why only the "even" years showed up today, but it was a fun walk down memory lane!

The Christmas we spent in Denver - Caleb and Haley were engaged  but she was with her family in Slovakia!

By 2015, it was just Dave, Claire and I for Christmas in Czech as the others celebrated in the States.

Christmas Day at the Ellenwood's here in Czech

Two years ago it was just the three of us again too, as Claire came to join our JV team and had just arrived.

And here we are today, about to leave once again for JV Christmas at Ellenwood's!

We had a sweet time together at home this morning, reading the Christmas story, finishing up our gifts, and enjoying breakfast with each other.

We'll be with the rest of our family in just a few days; but for now, we're having a precious holiday with each other, celebrating the birth of Jesus today!

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