Monday, December 23, 2019

Wedding Joy

Since it's just two days before Christmas, a tree in someone's home is not unusual.

Unless that tree is part of Christmas decorations for a wedding!

Two dear friends from our church here in Frýdlant were married here today!

Dave had the joy of performing the wedding ceremony, while I had the joy of playing the piano while the bride walked in to meet her groom.

We have walked through a lot of life with these two, so it was precious beyond precious to witness their vows today, and rejoice in the miracle that has brought them together.

It is a second marriage for the bride, and a first for the groom; but because they both are believers today, it was a wedding of great celebration of joy over the great thing God has done in bringing them together.

It was a family affair for us as Claire was the wedding photographer!

It is customary at Czech weddings to take a group photo of all those who are there to celebrate with the couple. Thankfully I knew the photographer so could get the photo from her to share. 😉

It was an absolutely delightful day, sharing in our friends' joy!

I  especially enjoyed sharing it with my groom! 

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