Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Different Christmas Eve

It looks like this is a Christmas of firsts for Dave too! (see my post earlier today on what my "first"  was ☺️)

Dave is known for a lot of things: being a visionary, a pioneer, and a leader. He's a great teacher of God's Word, a discipler of young men, and a man who seeks after God's heart. He's also an awesome husband, dad and Papa to our grandsons!

But among all other possibilities that could be on that list, you will never find cook, chef or baker. 😂

Oh he can make eggs, and heat up leftovers! But Dave making something from scratch never, ever happens in our kitchen.

Until it happened today!

With the same challenge as everyone has who goes to Mel and Amy's for a JV Christmas Day celebration, Dave had to make a gift for the name he'd been given. After exhausting possibilities, I came up with a most unlikely gift idea for Dave...to make something in the kitchen.

One thing I can say, with 110% assurance, is that Dave is ALWAYS up for a challenge; and he accepted this one!

I found two recipes for Christmas treats that I thought he could make on his own; of course that doesn't mean he can't have a sous chef alongside him. And that was Claire! But all she did was get out ingredients and give instructions. He did the rest!

His two recipes were Chocolate dipped peanut butter pretzels and Candied orange peels, chocolate covered.

Dave added so many new words to his vocabulary in this process, like double boiler! And he handled the challenge like a champ!

This was one of the most memorable Christmas Eves, doing something completely different than normal! We laughed, ate, and sang along with Leslie Odom Jr to his new Christmas album, "Simply Christmas" the entire evening!

Oh, and Claire and I spent an hour and a half untangling Christmas lights!

Note to self: don't buy 720 lights on one strand next year 😂

We didn't get our tree decorated, yet, but the lights are on, and our homemade gifts for tomorrow are almost finished!

It's the eve of celebrating the birth of our dear Savior. What a precious way to spend it.

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